Devotional 1-18-21

The pains of this world do not compare to the glory to come.

Devotional 1-13-21

The world’s view of what is good and God’s view are vastly different.

Devotional 1-11-21

Gossip is harmful in many ways. The Bible takes a hard stance against it.

Devotional 1-8-21

We put our faith in all kinds of earthly things that we can’t see. Why is it so hard to put faith in God?

Devotional 1-6-21

Prayer is the best medicine to heal spiritual wounds.

Devotional 1-4-21

Envy is essentially thinking that we deserve more than what God provides to us.

Devotional 1-1-21

A new year is a time of fresh starts! Through Christ, we have access to the God of fresh starts.