Daily Devotional 9-25-20

God, in His wisdom and grace, made each of us different.

Daily Devotional 9-24-20

Tapping into the power of Christ in us requires reading God’s word and soaking it in.

Daily Devotional 9-23-20

Often our agitation at things going on in the world is a result of pride and lack of humility.

Daily Devotional 9-22-20

The parable of the sower gives us the chance to reflect on the joy of receiving God’s word in our own hearts and sharing it with others.

Daily Devotional 9-21-20

God knows what He is doing. But the Bible tells us we can take our complaints to Him when we don’t understand.

Daily Devotional 9-18-20

There are many short-term mission opportunities whether local or abroad.

Daily Devotional 9-17-20

Nothing is more important than someone’s eternal salvation.