Belen is an area in the outskirts of Bolivia’s capital city. Food for the Hungry works with 884 children there, but the story of one of the really highlights. Magdalena is a sponsored child; she lives with her parents Mariano and Teodora, and siblings Jhonny and Alejandra in a two bedrooms house. She is in fourth grade and also attends church by herself. Magdalena used to be disobedient, which made her parents’ life more difficult at home. Last year she joined a children’s group of Food for the Hungry. “Magdalena started attending the group some classes late, I assigned her some responsibilities like delivering the supplies to her mates and it helped her to get to know them and be solidary”, says her former teacher Wilma Romero. In the children’s group they are taught about Biblical principles and values. For example: “Life is sacred”, or “Men and women are able to change their history”. Magdalena is learning little by little about the Bible and she is changing her mindset. She says: “I want my classmates to meet God to change their lives”. She has also learned that God has a promise for those who obey their parents. “I am not afraid of darkness anymore, I have learnt: In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, o Lord, will keep me safe”.Magdalena wishes that her family would get closer to God as she did. She thinks that if her parents return to the Lord bad things will stop happening to her family because God is good and everything is possible to Him. “God will change my family, I believe it”.
“Magdalena is a very intelligent girl, she can learn many things. I am happy that she met a real God who can change her live and her family’s”, says her FH teacher Mery Limon. God is working bringing hope in the life of the children of Belen.