Men’s Ministry



Men of ACCtion…     

are ACC men working on and helping others to achieve Biblical Manhood.
Jesus is the ultimate example of the biblical man. It takes real effort and a team to accomplish anything of significance or value. Jesus trained 12 men and David had his Mighty Men. You are invited to join various classes and discipleship groups, and fun events to help you grow to be a Biblical Man.
Get in on all/any of the below in your journey toward Biblical Manhood:
  • Weekly Devotions – In addition to some events and several opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship, we send out a weekly devotional. Provide your e mail.
  • Leadership – You are invited to help lead, like Jesus and heroes of the faith. I do not like lots of meetings, so we all just do our part and meet occasionally to make sure a certain event or study goes great.
Arizona Community Church - Men of ACCtionWednesday Groups and Classes 
  • Rooted – 6:30pm (Small Group). Small Group Experience for 10 weeks
  • Study of Romans 6:30am G1 (Big Group) with Benzer, Sachs and Brinkman
  • “Who Is Jesus?” 6:30pm G1 (Big Group) John Pruit




Discipleship Men of ACCtion PM 6:30pm (Smaller Groups)

Arizona Community Church - Men of ACCtion    

33 The Series 6:30pm G1 Mike and Dylan Grimm (Smaller Groups)  
  Arizona Community Church - Men of ACCtion


 Regular Opportunities:

Arizona Community Church - Men of ACCtion
Monthly Men’s Lunch Out – 2nd Thursday in the month.
Men of ACCtion – Pastor Jeff Beltz
Email Jeff Beltz at
2 Tim 4:7b “…Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness.”

Special Opportunities:


See what ACCMEN is all about – here are some testimonies from the 2015 MEN’s SUMMIT event.

And here is a video from our 2016 ACCMEN’S TAILGATE EVENT highlighting what ACCMEN is all about.