Men’s “Upper Room” Prayer Meeting

Arizona Community Church - The “Upper Room” Men’s Prayer Group!
The “Upper Room” prayer time is a place where men can experience the unique power and blessing of group prayer! We emphasize praying for the church’s ministries, our nation, as well as for individuals!

Join us on the first Thursday of every month…  We meet in D5 from 7:00am-7:30am.   Everyone is welcome! Join us to develop a deeper prayer life in the Lord!

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•  Common Fear #1… I don’t want to be put on the spot!

Answer:  We won’t ask you to do (or say) anything.  You can just listen and take it in!

•  Common Fear #2… I’ve never prayed with other people!

Answer:  Most men haven’t!   We’re men… so we say short (to-the-point) informal, unpolished prayers!   You’ll get the hang of it after some time.   We’re excited to teach you how!  Just say, “I’m new to this prayer thing”… and we’ll train you from there!

•  Common Fear #3… I don’t know anyone there!

Answer:  You’ll make friends the first minute you arrive!   We’re excited to meet you and really looking forward to your visit!

• Common Fear #4… 30 minutes is a long time to pray!

Answer:  Not when you do it with a team!   We break the 30 minutes into shorter (manageable) segments!    We intersperse Scripture reading, prayer requests, and praise reports!  You’ll be shocked at how fast the time goes!

•  Common Fear #5… Do we have to ‘hold hands”?

Answer:  Heck no… we’re men!   There is no ‘public confession’ of sins or “touchy-feely” stuff.   This is not a support group or Bible study… just a short time of corporate prayer!  We don’t do anything uncomfortable like holding hands… that’s for the women’s prayer group!



Take a step of faith and join us!