Patrick Cassidy
Missions Director
Brian Halverson
Missions Coordinator
Denise Halverson
Missions Coordinator
Ken McQueen
Missions Coordinator


Our mission at ACC is to increase awareness of the great commission by bringing the Gospel to the world’s different ethnic groups, and awaken their hearts to the knowledge that one doesn’t have to be on the front lines to participate in world evangelism. Our missions team provides opportunities for the church to get involved and support in missions outreach within the local community “Jerusalem”, beyond the local community, “Judea and Samaria”, and to the entire world “to the ends of the world.”



Below is a list of missionaries we support. We are unable to show a complete list as some of our supported missionaries serve in hostile countries. We would ask that you continue to keep all of our missionaries in your prayers. Praise God for their willingness to spread the gospel!
Dave & Christy Johnson – Ethiopia
Peter & Nadia Kiyanchenko – Moscow
Carlos & Carrie Morales – Mexico City
Daniel & Ramona Pincu – Romania
Al Fadi – Ministry to Muslims
Mark & Beth VanBebber – Hungary
Logan & April McAdams – Middle East
John & Candice Klimut: Middle East
Maegan Kearns: Middle East
Steve Lappen – Crossroads Youth Intervention (CRYi)
Pastor Kim & Chhuy Lim – ACC Cambodian Worship
Kristie James: Christian Challenge
Ben Joseph: International Students ASU
Mike Grimm: Man in the Mirror
Jason Ford: Fellowship of Christian Athletics
Molly Bear: Fellowship of Christian Athletics
If you would like additional information on how you can assist in missionary funding or have any other questions about Missions at ACC, contact Patrick Cassidy.