Arizona Community Church - High School Ministry
Our mission for the High School Ministry is to connect our students with God through Jesus’ discipleship model.
Through discipleship, the students are challenged to study the Word and grow in their personal relationship with Christ with the end goal of using their knowledge to disciple others and positively influence their community. 
Arizona Community Church - High School Ministry
F A L L    C A L E N D A R
Do you like roller coasters, thrills, and community?
Then this is the trip for you!
Join us as we head over to Six Flags as we
continue to nourish and deepen our relationships
with each other and the Lord!
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HSM’s focus is on discipling students by teaching them important elements of their faith; how to approach difficult life situations; and how to live in today’s culture as a Christ follower.

To do so, we encourage student participation through group discussions and small groups.
HSM Sunday mornings | 9:30 – 10:30 AM
Our vision for HSM on Wednesday nights is to get our students in the Word and talking about life, faith, and meaning in the context of God’s plan.
HSM Wednesday Nights | 6:30 – 8 PM
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We need YOUR help!
Is there too much space being taken up in your closet? Are your drawers filled with clothes you don’t even wear anymore? Well we have a solution for YOU! Donate those extra clothes to us so we can give them to families who need them!
Our donation box is located in the youth room!
We need YOUR help! We are currently collecting funds for our water tank project in Belen, Bolivia. Sometimes they go weeks without water and we want to do all we can to ensure they get clean water! 
Our donation jar is located in the youth room!