Sunday Morning Adult Classes

Arizona Community Church offers a healthy line-up of Sunday Classes for you to choose from!   Getting involved in a smaller class of people is a great way to make new friends and grow in your faith!

Sunday – 8:15 AM


Room: G2      
Leaders: Roger Scott & Mark Brenneman
Age: 65’s+
Class size: 70-80 people

Truth Seekers

Room: G1       
Teacher: Paul White
Age: 50+
Class size: 15 people

Sunday – 9:30 AM


Room: G2       
Teacher: Daniel Craig
Age: 40+
Class size: 50-65 people


Room: G3     
Teachers: Various
Age: 40’s+
Class size: 40-50 people

 Grace Walk

Room: G1   
Teacher: Len Baker
Ages:  All Ages
Class size: 35 people

Sunday – 10:45 AM


Room: G1
Teachers:  Paul Norman
Age: All Ages
Class size: 30-40 people

Cambodian Fellowship

Room: G4
Teachers: Pastor Kim Lim
Ages: All Ages